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[PSP]God Eater 2 [JP] [Caravan]
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Название: [PSP]God Eater 2 [JP] [Caravan]
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Издатель: Bandai Namco Games
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November 2013 marks the long-awaited release of God Eater 2, Namco Bandai's hi paced multiplayer coop beast slayer action adventure.

In a post apocalyptic future, a new incurable pandemic has stricken the already decimated populous; it is up to the Fenrir, wielders of extraordinary God Eater weapons to investigate.

Featuring a new protagonist, new monsters, new weapons and new gameplay elements that accentuate the already hectic gameplay of yore, players will be hard pressed in defeating their new foes. In addition is the introduction of the “Blood Art System” - a means to visually string together an array of attackes with additional status attributes for unreal battle evolution.

In development for over 3 years, God Eater 2 aims to bring players an enthralling action experience with top notch control so that no beast can escape through lack of skill.

[PSP]God Eater 2 [JP] [Caravan]
[PSP]God Eater 2 [JP] [Caravan]
[PSP]God Eater 2 [JP] [Caravan]

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